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June? June!

Finally it’s here; June.

Is it really the end, of one of the heck journey, I’ve just swum through? A year at the College? In Oxford?! ♥ With an amazing Teachers I could think of?! ♥ And, crazy people (some more, some less) but all mature (some more, some less) 😀  with the same passion for Art & Design?!♥ Some dreams do come through. Even for someone like me. I’ve learnt so much. I remember, at the beginning, when we were showed all different sketchbooks from previous year, thinking: how could they managed to do so many different projects on this level. Now it is time for newbies think exact same thing!!! I do love the idea ( of course only in my head) to be an inspiration for someone else. Let me dream a bit more. uhmmm … … . Ok, I’m done. For now anyway.

Must be said. June – final piece.

How we could come up with only one idea after that fulfilled year of inspiration, encouragement, support and feedback? Impossible. Mission Impossible. That’s the part I relied the most on feedback of my classmates. Always supportive and understanding as if they were my tutors. I can’t thank enough to them for everything they said, made, gossiped, laughed, sh*tted… also encouraged, believed and simply being there. It’s been privileged get to know them and spend time with them.

Back to my FP; I had three ( actually four) ideas I was thinking of doing and had to choose one, that was the hard part. I decided, after I’d spoken to one of my teacher, when she gave me the simplest resolution. She said to me: “Why don’t you combine them all together?”. I told you I’ve had the best teachers ever. Clever. Because I had made them before, separately, I could use a photoshop to layer them up and see how it will look. It wasn’t that bad. And my brain, full of the ideas, could rest. As I went through research, I connected my FP to spirals, circles and lines, inspired by Fibonacci, Jean Tinguely, Robert Mangold, and my mixed media hero Marta Lapkowska (she is an amazing artist; you can check her work on I worked hard on a composition. I was worried overdoing it as I usually do. But I enjoyed and loved it. And also learnt from it. I am a person of darker colours and small sizes, I challenged myself. I went for bright, vivid, and metallic colours and main piece in A1 size plus the rest a bit smaller that A4 sizes. The biggest work I’ve done so far. Am I proud? Yes. More for the challenge I put myself through. I think, I also gained some confidence in my work, through the course. It ‘s still my weak spot but working on it as well. 🙂

I’m still not where I would like to be one day but I’m on my journey. So should you. Don’t be afraid to put yourself on first place. Go for whatever makes you happy. It’s your life and it’s never to late.

Here is my Spiral Acrymme:


This is it; on the college wall





Here is the work before I applied black gesso and again metallic paints to the glue surface. I probably should finished here. What do you think?

Dream by Eva Jancarova

As a bulb, broken into a thousand pieces,

as a reflection, hidden in a glasses,

as a forest carpet, made by green moses,

as a mime, created many different faces.

As a dragonfly, stood on the water,

as a galaxy with a Sun in the center,

as a secret, written in the letter,

as a placebo, made you feel better.

As a paradise, unseeing in real word,

as a wisdom, having you get old,a

s a no-swimmer, looking for the ford,

as a homeless, dreaming of being Lord.







Playing time?

I know I’m not a child, youth and not even adolescent anymore but should my age stopped me from playing? I don’t think so! Excitement from playing with different media makes me feel better. Why should I decline this feeling from my life?

You play – you learn, you develop techniques, styles, and “happy” accident takes over. You connect with your own way to express something. Doesn’t matter if it is personal or no. If you enjoy it it calms you down. Forget the world around. Being in your own world. Get hands dirty. Development is your body of work seeing from different perspective, angles point of view. Flow. Let your ideas flow. Let you creative persona flow. Let paint flows.


New addiction? Maybe

Definitely it is something extraordinary. Not just whole process but also the result. It changes every minute until it dries. What am I talking about? A Pour painting.

Impossible mix of colours; they mix more when poured, in an order you like, into a cup, and again mix even more while pouring on a surface. Do you think it’s enough of mixing? Wrong. Because the paint are mixed with another media (could be a pouring medium, pva glue, water) so they are liquidy. Finally on surface, they move slower, toward the edge you choose, and in synchronised rhythm of the flow dance with each other. Work you will never know how its going to end up.

Just watching the process is exciting. Another positive is- you never go wrong! No mistakes just happy accidents. What more to want from the art we make! 😀

And, as the result is always awesome, you want to make more. Here comes my titel handy ☺ Trust me when you start your wouldn’t want to stop. Doesn’t matter your age, gender, believes, talent or luck of talent in art area, you will be a master!

I haven’t done many myself, so I’m not an expert, but what? Here they are ☺

Another year!?

I can’t believe that another year gone since my last post. The time is really flying by so quickly. And my first year at uni has passed also. It was interesting, learnt a new things, techniques. It was hard work but worth it. Now i’m enjoying a holiday and the weather very much, it is more like my country now (which is Czech Republic).

I also enjoy and develop my own art style. I love complicated things, lot of layers, textures, media. I haven’t done it at the uni as I followed my teachers feedbacks and opinions. I had to separated my original ideas. I do understand that, and is nice to make more simple work (my sister alway says: less is sometimes more) but was a little disappointed. Don’t get me wrong; I had a very nice feedback and response, after our exhibition, from students and visitors, where my work was separated. And it was in different medium. I worked with a resin and photographs, no paint at all.

My passion is somewhere else. And I guess I can explore it at home. So I’m posting pictures of my recent work, which is combination I love! (got y’ uni) 😀

It is just a learning process but very enjoyable and experimental. What a combination!

Go Big? Hardly

Right. Since September, when I have been back at the collage, I have been told all the time by my Teacher: Eva go big. Nicely said then done. To me anyway. Ok, I’ll do A3 size. No big. Alright, size A2. Not enough. You want me to do A1 size picture?( In this point I am fainting) A1 is no size worth talking. ( I’m dying). Imagine the wall in your house…that’s size I’m talking about. After splashing a bucket of cold water over my face, I need to come up with an answer. Alright than. on one condition: I start with a small size 🙂  One step at the time. Hmmm, what it’s gonna be? Painting? Drawing? Print? If any step, then with what I love the most; mixed media.

So far I’ve worked on journal art and mixed media in size A5 or A4. So my next step would be A3. No, no. I’ve skipped this one. I am feeling brave. I’ll go for size A2. For the texture, except string, tissue and one gold embossed flower on vellum, I’ve used everything I could find in my kitchen cupboard: parsley, coconut, sesame and sunflower seeds, cumin, herbs and pistachio shells. And as usually I’ve over done it with a paint (picture 1), so I’ve used white spray paint to correct it a little bit. I think it’s worked. I must say I really loved that! So hooray and go big!





Photoalbum. Aaaah

One of my very good friend asked me if I could make something for her parents 40th wedding anniversary. I was thinking about something what would last, and what they will enjoy to look at. Always, what last almost forever, are pictures. So the idea would be making something, where they could keep those photographs. How easy, right? Not at all. It was really challenging as I, very often, changed my mind on last minute and, of course, I forgot some important details to put in, like a magnet where I wanted pages to be closed. I had to, painstakingly, remove glued pieces to put that small damn thing in. And trust me, that time I named that thing hundred times and hundred times differently. Ouch! Always keep to your plan (unless you change them with all details included).

But, at the end, it was worth it because I was quiet happy with it. So were they and that’s what mattered to me 🙂

Here are a few pages.The pictures are not in best quality and I apologize for that.


Attractive? Fundamental shape?

I would not think that it could be let say interesting neither attractive but never say never. Ouch! I was playing with acrylic colors and build up four layer with fundamental shapes used as a stencil. Not bad. Then I used a soft pastels to make bubbles with. I actually love how it turns out. Look like the bubbles were added to a picture separately instead of drawn as a fifth layer. Definitely will experiment with this more.

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